Why You Might Finally Have A “Flying Car”

This isn’t going to take long to discuss. It turns out that Larry Page, the head of Alphabet/Google, has been funding a couple of companies that are working on prototype “flying cars”. Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk are the two companies, particularly, and one of those (Zee.Aero) happens to be headed by the same guy that spearheaded the autonomous car project at Google X (now just called “X”, of course…so confusing). And that point is important.

But, hey, does this mean that Google is going to finally bring us the flying car? No. Perhaps more accurately what they’ll do, I theorize, is bring us the “personal automated flying transport”…or something like that. But the key here is that Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk are likely working on personal flying vehicles for individuals and families to commute in, but you won’t be driving these things. They’ll be totally automated, and that’s why I think the “flying car” will finally exist. Have a look at one of the patent filings from Zee.Aero (and supposedly this has already been built, too)…zeeaero_patentI’ve long said on my science and tech podcast, Sovryn Tech, that the reason we don’t already have flying cars comes down to one: Governments don’t want you flying over borders. Yes, it all comes down to those imaginary lines that are ethically total bullshit, but many people seem to take so ridiculously seriously when a piece of paper known as a map tells them that they’re there (you know those same maps used to show dragons and sea monsters, too, right? Guess what, they’re as fake and meaningless as the lines themselves…). That’s it. In my opinion, that’s the whole reason you don’t have flying cars right now. People could cross borders without permission…and governments would never know! You might find out that people on the other side are just like you! Oh, the horror! Don’t let people have vehicles that we can’t inspect and control via roads!

But “flying cars” (they won’t be called that) that are totally automated and you can’t pilot? Sure, those aren’t a problem for governments. The autonomous flying vehicles can be programmed to never cross imaginary lines/borders. Problem solved. And before you think someone can “hack” the vehicle and cross borders that way…listen, stupid, it’s automated. There won’t be a steering wheel or anything of the sort.

There it is. I told you it’d be short. Flying, personal, autonomous vehicles will likely be a thing in the future now, but again, it’s only because you won’t be in control of it.And because of that? Well, I don’t give a shit now. I really did want a flying car. But like everything else, Alphabet/Google and its dick-sucking relationship with governments is ruining everything. Go figure that fictional lines could hold back the future so much.

Carpe lucem!

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