How to Help Sovryn Tech for FREE…No, Really…

DISCLAIMER: The ZOG Blog is the part of this site where Dr. Brian Sovryn can talk about anything. From pop culture, to philosophy, to just sharing updates with what’s going on at Zomia Offline Games and with other projects.

svthelpFirst off, total thanks to everyone that has donated via Bitcoin and PayPal in the past and the present (you can also do so here), and who has donated equipment through our Amazon Wishlist…you guys and gals make this whole thing at, Sovryn Tech, and Dark Android go round and round. I can’t thank you enough for that.

But perhaps you’re like me and you don’t have disposable income for anything, and you can’t donate to the show in those ways. Believe me, I totally get it, and no judgment. Please…please…continue to enjoy all of the content that I produce for free.

However there is something–for free–that you can do to help out all the same. You’re probably guessing what I’m going to say: SHARE EVERYTHING.

Share the episodes of Sovryn Tech. Share episodes of Sex & Science Hour. Share the blog posts. Share albums from Audio of the Ancients. Share the games here. SHARE IT ALL. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LINE, Telegram…wherever. Just share it. It will help get the word out there about the very unique things (if I don’t say so myself) that are provided here.

Things are changing, folks. The crypto-economy is seriously on the rise. People are ignoring the imaginary lines that are national borders, either consciously or unconsciously. New technologies and software are being developed that are really going to give people the options that are the backbone of personal freedom. It’s happening, everybody. But people just need to know that it’s happening. They need to know that living a free life is possible (or, at least, 99% possible). And I’m not claiming I’m the best at disseminating these facts, but I am doing it.

If you want to help with that dissemination, again, just share the content that gets made and released here. You can even share the older stuff. I try to make things evergreen as much as possible. Just share it. Thank you.

Carpe lucem!