The Golden Stallion Talks Steemit on Nationally-Syndicated Radio Free Talk Live!


Jeff Berwick joins us to discuss Steem :: Crypto Currency :: Anarchists Running Steem :: Facebook vs Steem :: Censorship-Free? :: Anarchapulco :: Social Security :: Pegged to the Dollar :: Chinese Taxis :: Brian Sovryn joins us to critique Steem :: Steem Marketing Concerns :: HOSTS – Ian, Darryl, Melanie


steemitYou’re going to want to hear this! I got to return to my ol’stomping/training ground of the nationally-syndicated radio show Free Talk Live and enter the debate over the validity of Steem and Steemit!

Great calls, great hosts, and great guests…this is a must listen from start to finish (but if you’re really curious, I’m on starting in the third hour). WOOOO!

Carpe lucem!


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