Really Understanding the Human Condition

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What I’m sharing with you here is a video of a talk given by Dr. Peter Gray that I had the great pleasure of attending at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Boston about three years ago in 2012 (thanks to the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy). While I don’t want to make a habit of doing this sort of thing, this is one that I consider so important because it was a talk that made many of my preset notions do a 180 degree turn (and while I’m not boasting here, I will tell you, that does not happen often to me). So I want to share it with you.

To pidgeon-hole this talk into one topic would be a disservice to the content. So many things are covered here: evolution, society, parenting, hierarchies, children, the importance of play, the nature of groups, etc. It is a seminal talk, and I’ve appreciated much of the other work by Dr. Peter Gray. And while–as far as I know–he is not an anarchist, I find his knowledge and work to be incredibly enriching to myself and to anarchist ideals. Dr. Gray is a genuine “root striker” in many ways.

So here it is. One of the greatest talks I have ever been in the audience for, and one that I consider seminal to understanding the human condition. And I hope you find it just as fascinating and eye-opening as I did (and as always, this YouTube video is shared here with “Privacy Mode” enabled).

Carpe lucem!