Sex And Science Hour – E006 – Forced Into Church

Show notes and links:

A devoted listener recounts their Sex & Science Hour outreach mission.

Western Union thinks Bitcoin is too first worldly (…eady-global-use/), while Goldman Sachs thinks it doesn’t offer any advantage over gold (…s-not-a-currency/). Yawn.

Meanwhile, what’s actually stopping Bitcoin in Africa? Three…017323-1.html

In the land of the not-so-free, sex workers are being hauled off church in handcuffs with the ultimatum of, “repent or go to jail.”:…without-charges/

Speed reading apps – useful tech or the fast food of reading? (…under-90-minutes/)

A listener ponders whether it’s OK to date his friend’s sister.

Litecoin rally! We talk about the future of altcoins, and altcoin price maintenence cost as a…tment-decisions/

And finally, a study shows that investment pitches just sound more fundworthy when they are delivered by attractive men:…-exact-same-idea/

Is there no hope for humanity?

Awesome chiptunes that you heard in the show are by rolemusic! (

Thanks for tuning in!