Sex And Science Hour – E007 – Certain Subjects Should Not Be Discussed

Show notes and links:

In a show that’s chock full of listener email, a DOGE fan takes us to task about our many ignorance! Such wrong. Wow!

China has banned QR codes (…-impact-bitcoin/). For your own good, of course.

A PornHub study shows the bible belt region of the US has above average gay porn viewing…tion-of-gay-porn/

Is sex really like pizza? A listener says, maybe… if you’re gluten intolerant.

Childless couples are not necessarily living empty lives devoid of meaning! (

Distributed exchanges – are we there yet?

A listener is concerned about net neutrality. We talk about the problem, and solutions.

And finally, another listener writes in to let us know that we really should not talk about certain subjects.

What do you wish we wouldn’t talk about?

Awesome chiptunes that you heard in the show are by rolemusic! (

Thanks for tuning in!