Sex And Science Hour – E011 – Snake Oil

Show notes and links:

New Hampshire politicians finally got around to repealing an adultery…mpshire/7780563/

Condi Rice is in your dropbox:

Maidsafe crowdfunds itself and then some:…e/#.U1mlJfldUtl

Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Bitcoin! (…p;utm_campaign=chrome)

Fixing DNA typos may now be possible:…p;utm_campaign=chrome

Lab rats make love, not war:…-the-brain/

“Extra Virgin Olive Oil” ( may not be extra virgin, and may not even be olive oil.

Speaking of oil, a listener is thinking about which ones to use for non-virgin activities.

Finally, the real reason why you may be…tting-a-job-4y3w

Awesome chiptunes that you heard in the show are by rolemusic! (

Thanks for tuning in!