Sex And Science Hour – E012 – The Road To Hell

Show notes and links:

First, a listener calls us out, asking, why do we bother bleeping?

Banks are shutting down accounts (…mepage-in-the-news) of adult film actors and other legal businesses. Three guesses what we propose as a solution.

DarkWallet Alpha version is out. Is this the solution to greater financial privacy? (

A poll shows that half of people are unhappy with where they live, but fewer than 20% plan to actually move:…ve-elsewhere.aspx

MIT students are getting free bitcoins:…to-every-student/

Without government, who will build the roads? Maybe this guy, and it will have solar…rking-lot.html

Finally, we discuss the important topic of weird body things that may or may not be associated with sexual proclivities:…cording-to-science

Did you hear about The Squatty Potty? (

Awesome chiptunes that you heard in the show are by rolemusic! (

Thanks for tuning in!