Sex And Science Hour – E013 – Bakers Dozen

Show notes and links:

Feeling less enthusiasm and “community” in the bitcoin world. Are we just whiny hipsters?

A study sheds light on how people hear about bitcoin, what they think, and how they act on their opinions:…al.png

GoldBugs? Bacteria that convert gold chloride into gold. Is it the end of scarcity? (…n-produce-pure-gold)

Come rain or snow… Outbox will be crushed by the…-digital-mail/

“I have a boyfriend.” (…e-a-boyfriend) Does it really mean what you think it means?

Study says men prefer less makeup on women:

Want to be happier? Science has answers on how:…ibly-happy-wed.html

Did you hear about The Squatty Potty? (

Awesome chiptunes that you heard in the show are by rolemusic! (

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