The Sex & Science Hour Podcast!


What is Sex & Science Hour?

Sex & Science Hour (often abbreviated as “SASH”) was a very popular weekly podcast on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network that was hosted by Let’s Talk Bitcoin’s own Dr. Stephanie Murphy, and by Dr. Brian Sovryn. It was a fun (though sometimes very serious) show that covered sex, science, and what was happening in the Bitcoin space at the time.

Many listeners have claimed that Sex & Science Hour is what turned them into an anarchist, and the hosts could never be more honored that they had a hand in bringing people those ideas. In fact, Sex & Science Hour was the only explicitly anarchist show on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network, and was very “Bitcoin Community” oriented.

The show’s 19-episode run is presented here in its entirety, and many of the topics are “evergreen”, as it were, and have much to say that is relevant. And of course, the show is generally lots of fun! So do enjoy listening here!

Though it has been a year since there was a new episode of the show (the show began in February of 2014)…you never know what might pop up on this page…in the future