Smartwatches…Without Transmitting Your Data All Over the Goddamned Place

Android Wear–and really, smartwatches in general–are supposedly the “new hotness”. Of course, smartwatches are nothing new. And in fact, for over 30 years, these things have been in development. There were even smartwatches in the past that could connect to you Commodore 64! How could you not want one of those?

The beauty of these smartwatches of the past was that they didn’t send all of your biometrics and data to Alphabet/Google, and Apple, and others. They gave you the data, and you could track it yourself in whatever way you wished, but there was no Cloud (read: someone’s else’s computer) for that data to be collected into, which I think is a very good thing. As I often say at the Dark Android Project and on my own tech show–Sovryn Tech–one of the wonderful promises of all these “smart devices” in science fiction and other mainstream media venues was that, yes it would give you all kinds of great data and abilities with your own data, but it would all be totally within your own network or within your own control…it wasn’t going to get sent anywhere else. But now we have all of these smart devices, but we have no control over where that data actually goes and who gets to see it.

But now I’m ranting. The whole point of today’s content is to show you what these smartwatches of decades past looked like, and to perhaps give a glimpse of a future that might have been (or maybe still could be, although on a smaller scale, I’m sure). Personally, I’m still a fan, as to this day I wear a Casio calculator watch, and would gladly wear any of these smartwatches below. Enjoy!

BN-IT137_jcasio_G_20150604005612original-smartwatch12039223_885570954845884_6544794112742923140_ncalc_watchWatch-remotecell watch

C’mon…tell me you don’t want at least a couple of these! Especially when you get into the “video game watches”…I can’t even begin to remember how many of those that I owned, and I imagine even with Apple Watch and Android Wear, many of those games will be making a comeback. But as for me, I’ll stick with the originals since, hey, I never had to charge them at the end of the night!

Carpe lucem!