Sovryn Tech at PorcFest 2015!


Just a quick post here today, but an important one. Sovryn Tech will be recording LIVE from PorcFest 2015! It will likely not be airing live on and various pirate radio stations, so I won’t be taking calls, but I will have lots of great guests on (seriously, who WOULDN’T want to be on Sovryn Tech?) and I’ll field questions from the live audience there.

I’m still working out day and time (though it’ll likely be on the main weekend of the week-long event), and I’ll certainly let people know here, as well as via Twitter, and on Sovryn Tech itself what the schedule will be. It’ll likely be the full two hours (if not more), and will likely be released on this site and the feed on the same day.

So if you want to catch the show live, make sure to be at PorcFest, and don’t hesitate to stay “Hi” to the Golden Stallion throughout the week!


Carpe lucem!