Sovryn Tech LIVE at PorcFest 2015…CONFIRMED!


I posted a few days ago that I would be doing a LIVE recording of my show Sovryn Tech at the Porcupine Freedom Festival–PorcFest–this year, and now the date and time is official: Saturday, June 27th, from 4PM-6PM EST!

I already have some great guests lined up to be on the show, and I plan on doing some giveaways as well as a few other surprises during the show (yes, there may just have to be video recorded for some of this). It will be held in the Media Room at Roger’s Campground, and has seating for quite a few people, so if you can see this LIVE, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to! And hey, if all goes really well, maybe I’ll make the LIVE PorcFest Edition of Sovryn Tech an annual thing.

No one throws a LIVE show quite like the Golden Stallion! Hope to see you there!


Carpe lucem!