Sovryn Tech LIVE from the shower!

I warned you that I would be doing some Periscope videos, and here is my first “official” one…and I did it while I was in the shower!

You read that right, I was wearing nothing other than my Casio calculator watch! WOO!

I talked about hope for the future, what to do with your hands while you’re trying to get “un-addicted” from your smartphone…and even did some LIVE Q&A with questions about web hosting, and even…HYPERCRONIUS II! Ran the gamut on this one. Just follow the link in the tweet below (or use the link at the bottom of the tweet, in case your NoScript is blocking the tweet). I’ll also be releasing the audio-only version of this in the Sovryn Tech feed in the future. Enjoy!

Carpe lucem!