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Someone recently in online conversation expressed to me that I “do capitalism better than most capitalists”. And I’ll take the compliment for what it is, I appreciate it, and I get it (in case you were wondering, “capitalism” is not a word I generally favor). I didn’t ask about the specifics of what the gentleman meant by it, but I can guess that part of it has to do with my belief in and execution of “honesty in markets”. Despite my lack of use of the word “capitalism”, I am a huge fan of Ayn Rand and her philosophical standpoint of objectivism (not the more cultish “Objectivism” with a capital “O”). And I completely agree with her on the notion that selling something or building a business based around people’s ignorance or stupidity is not productive achievement (and I agree that productive achievement, along with love, is the very essence of the human condition).

So, in the interest of what I call “honesty in markets”, I thought I’d share with you where I get my news from–as far as websites, I’ve shared podcasts in the past–that I use for my various projects such as my podcast Sovryn Tech, the Dark Android Project, and others.

The below list are sites that I may check multiple times a day (unless stated otherwise), as they are that good. Granted, while I oft use the content and journalism on these pages, certainly none of them give “my take” on each subject, so I don’t feel any fear along the lines of, “Oh no! No one is going to visit my site anymore if they can just read news there!” Not a concern, at all. I do what I do simply because my opinions aren’t represented, and sometimes I feel the need to do some original journalism for my projects, and none of these sites represent that, nor could they. So I’m happy to give credit where credit is due, and value for value when there’s serious value, which I think these sites deliver.

1. Android Police: Since Android is now the most used operating system on the planet today, this site’s importance (despite a somewhat unfortunate name) is paramount for tech journalism. And they have some of the best people in the biz doing their blog posts, and they are from all over the world. It’s incredible how much they keep an eye on really at AP, from deals on Android and Android-related products, to product and APK teardowns, and lots of breaking news…if you use an Android device of any kind, this is THE website to follow (and like this website, you can follow them with Pushbullet, which I do).

2. If you are a Windows or Microsoft products or services user, this is the THE site. Paul Thurrott (the journalist whom the site’s namesake comes from) has recently branched out to where there are guest bloggers on it, as well, but Paul’s take-no-prisoners attitude shines through each post, and no one else gets as “real world” and “in-depth” into everything that Microsoft does as Paul Thurrott will on his site. Always my go to site for real Microsoft news.

3. Dvorak on PC Magazine: This is not something that is to be checked daily (usually there’s a new post every Wednesday), but it is something to read the instant something new comes out. This is where you can find the writings of the great John C. Dvorak, whom I have been reading and following since I was a teenager. He is the single best commentator on everything in the tech world (and even beyond sometimes, if you’re a No Agenda Show fan), and has been “in the field” for decades. His insights are always invaluable, and his experience is unmatched. This is required reading every week.

4. Road To VR: This is a somewhat new website to me, but it is one that I have been going to on a daily basis for some time recently. As listeners of Sovryn Tech, I am very excited about Virtual Reality, and this website has some of the best news on the industry (an industry that is getting bigger by the second, finally…I’ve been waiting since the 90’s for it to do so). Definitely the place to look for analysis and updates for what’s going on in VR, and even AR if that’s more your speed.

5. So this isn’t really a tech news site–and it’s not always daily–but it is the blog of Kim Anami. While she’s certainly someone I don’t always agree with, her insights on sexuality and human nature are…shall we say…unique. I can’t really describe it to you here, but I definitely enjoy reading Kim’s thoughts on all kinds of topics, and it’s just really refreshing for to read a blog that talks about sex in such a light as Kim Anami does. And listeners of Sovryn Tech know, sex is a topic that is always welcomed in my projects.

6. Where I go for all of my Linux and FOSS news. It’s a simple site that aggregates from all over the Web. Nothing fancy, it just collects a lot of great stories.

7. PC Gamer: A fact I can’t share with people enough because I think they have some funny opinions about me, but I am a gamer first before anything (and I’m a historian second, and a tech journalist third). Since I was ever able to read, I can’t remember a time really when I didn’t read PC Gamer’s magazine, and now certainly I read the website (while still subscribing to their magazine, actually). They are the kings of gaming news, and with there being little that consoles offer more than PC’s these days (not that consoles were ever better than PC’s, they just did have some unique things), it’s the only gaming news website I bother with. I used to really get deep into gaming news, because I felt like any other news industry it didn’t have any bullshit in it, but sadly even gaming journalism has fallen prey to external cultural bullshit and influences. PC Gamer is still doing a great job, though.

8. Here’s a fact for you: most people above the age of 25 that are into technology are into it because of Star Trek. No, shut up, it’s a fact. This website delivers the best news on the beloved franchise, and even covers other projects that actors and production crew members are up to, which is a great way to get introduced to other cool, often independent franchises.

So where are the science news websites on my list that I use for news for my projects? How does the Man of Tomorrow keep up with the latest science? Generally, I don’t websites. Usually those sites are full of shit, and constantly just talk about theory that you will never be able to apply or gets shots down the next day, creating a vicious news cycle that you can get lost in. For my science news and science knowledge, then, I read books. Books are cohesive wholes, whether it stays within a theory, or goes into the realm of scientific fact. It’s the only way to really experience science, in my opinion.

Also, a lot of the news I cover gets sent into from fans of my projects, I can’t be appreciative enough of that. It’s a great way to get the pulse of the various interest groups that I find myself fitting into, and it makes my life a lot easier. And as far as social media, I really don’t like to use that for my news, as I think that social media manufactures news more than it reports it. A recipe for disaster, I think.

So I hope you enjoyed this list. Certainly, there are other websites I check, and plenty of other blogs that I read (I’ll share those in another post), but this is the shortlist.

Carpe lucem!


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