Sovryn’s Theorem

I decided to have a little fun with this blog post, and the ZOG Blog is a place where I can talk about literally anything (if you want Android security news and ideas, head over to the Dark Android Blog and its corresponding main site).

So, to the fun. A thought struck me last night of a cute little math theorem that describes the value of a person’s life and the importance of the individual over all others. So I posted the idea quickly on social media in the middle of the night. But here it is, as a shareable “meme” that you can easily put anywhere, from Snapchat to Instagram (for the record, I think Snapchat is a fucking nightmare, and I would NEVER recommend its use, whether you want security and privacy or not). Again, it’s just for fun. I’m not taking myself too seriously on this, even though the idea of individualism (the very heart of consistent anarchism) is the most serious of messages to get across.

As I am working towards “rewilding” the internet, sometimes posts on this site will be just a picture or pictures, that way I’m not relying on third-party services that I have no real control over to share pictures, yet I can still share various matters in that format.sovrynstheorem

Please spread it around!

Carpe lucem!