Almost any and all information that we could possibly ever need or want is available to us at the speed of electricity, and our lives are infinitely better for it in uncountable ways. Research and practice in medicine, science, health, art, music, language, travel, and a myriad other domains has increased exponentially as a direct consequence of the immediate availability of information that we take for granted in the 21st century.

Living in the interconnected world we’ve created and defined carries risks with it, and sometimes potentially very steep costs and difficult-to-recover-from consequences as well. We essentially now live in a globally connected virtual neighborhood and the immediacy and connectedness we enjoy on the one hand directly implies that the neighborhood isn’t always safe–not in the conventional sense. Not everyone living in the globally connected community that defines most of our lives in a broad range of fundamental ways is thinking about it in an adaptive, responsible way.

There are thieves who with criminal self-interest and purposeful guile would do you harm and steal your last dollar and good name if given the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, on the other side of the wireless network connecting you to libraries and shopping and books and movies and friends and all of the data you use every day are malicious actors who are actively trying to steal your passwords, your personal information, your identity, and your money. This vulnerability is in large part an inherent consequence of the nature of the architecture that supports the Internet itself. It was not designed to be a fortress for your data and–broadly defined–“valuables”.

Because of this, one of the realities of the connectedness that defines our personal and professional lives today is that increasingly our “valuables” are not stored in physical locations or guarded by a lock and key. The most crucial strategic assets that banks hold are no longer stored in a giant safe in the basement with a combination lock and an armed security guard. Companies are no longer in locked file cabinets in locked rooms in patrolled buildings.

They are stored digitally–in the cloud–protected by advanced mathematical fences and dynamic algorithms….but only if you have that protection set up, and if you use it properly. Otherwise, there are very real threats to your “valuables”. These dangers take the form of real criminals as well as overbearing intrusive authority and commercial interests that impinge on our treasure and personal liberties.



The somewhat over-used term “hack”, while still part of our popular vernacular, has recently been supplemented by a new, more accurate descriptor: the “Advanced Persistent Threat”, or APT. While the term “hack” brings to mind a single action taken at a specific time, APTs are, as the name suggests, advanced and persistent. They’re always out there. The attackers may take weeks or months to develop their assault, tracking the organization’s or individual’s behavior and IT infrastructure, probing for weaknesses, and developing the most effective way to attack. And many businesses, organizations, and individuals don’t even know where to begin to defend themselves digitally.

The Internet that we all use, and increasingly take for granted as a functioning reality of our professional and personal lives, is in actuality an interconnected global network—which is simultaneously both a really wonderful place and a really dangerous place. Because it provides us with the immediate access to data that we rely on in so many fundamental ways, it also puts our own personal data at risk. So, given that we can’t pick and do not get to choose who comes into and out of our virtual neighborhood, what can we do? Although this is a frightening scenario, and the threat is real, there are ways to protect yourself against these evolving, ever-present dangers.

And that’s what Sovryn Tech Solutions is all about.

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Sovryn Tech Solutions (STS) was created to put Brian Sovryn’s years of experience in the military, corporate environments, and personal security to work…for you. To mitigate the risks from APTs. To help you–either as a business, organization, or even just as an individual–protect yourself from infringements on your digital security and privacy, and provide that help at reasonable rates that you can afford.

We’ll work with you on creating an effective plan for minimizing the risk of cyber attacks, and for creating a plan of action in the event of a personal or business-wide breach from an APT. From insurance compliance, to cyber security guidebooks, privacy and anonymity schemes, to full software loadouts and personal best practices training, Sovryn Tech Solutions can help turn your passive online experience into a safer, threat-ready experience, regardless if the threat is from a malicious individual, a corporate infringement, or even government agencies.


Again, Sovryn Tech Solutions isn’t like other cyber security advisory groups. While Sovryn Tech Solutions will readily help businesses with cyber security implementations, we are also interested in working with individuals on developing personal best practices, and in helping those that have a need for high levels of security, privacy, and even anonymity if need be. This is a little addressed and served sector of the “online neighborhood”, and Sovryn Tech Solutions is here to give these organizations and individuals the attention and help they need. Remember, the more each of us does to implement security and privacy best practices in the digital space, the more secure and private all of our information and “valuables” become by default.

And Sovryn Tech Solutions has experience in use with nearly all operating systems and environments. Windows PCs, OS X, Linux distributions, BSD, iOS, and Android–from servers, to desktop environments, to even mobile devices, we can get your systems secure.

Since 2012, thousands of people have turned to Brian Sovryn’s popular weekly technology podcast–Sovryn Tech–to get up-to-date suggestions and bleeding-edge information and commentary on security issues and technological developments. With Sovryn Tech Solutions, all of that vital data and insight becomes part of the DNA of your digital world.


To give you an example of what kind of services Sovryn Tech Solutions can provide, here are just a couple of the many potential cases, based upon client type.

1. Business Type 2

analyticsThis is a new kind of business that has become prominent in recent years. This kind of business doesn’t have a traditional office space that it resides in. Employees–or “Team Members”–may be scattered around the world, working from their own personal PCs and mobile devices. And, most uniquely, these companies often don’t have their own servers, often relying on Dropbox or Google Apps for the entirety of their workflow. And while much of the security may be handled by the corporations that offer the services the business uses, there is still much to be done to guarantee that business’ employee and client online safety and security:

  • Password strength assessments and Two-Factor Authentication implementation.
  • Software assessment and software recommendations.
  • VPN recommendation and guide for use in the case of workers with high mobility.
  • Employee cyber security handbook for best practices implementation.
  • Team-wide security consultancy conference calls.
  • Hardware and device recommendations.
  • Workflow assessment for maximum security.
  • Set plan in the event of an APT data breach.
  • Insurance compliance for company cyber security.
  • Employee PC and mobile device security layouts.

2. Secure Mobile Communications for the Individual

janet-txt-bannerMany individuals today are either entrepreneurs, activists in some capacity, or people that just care very much about their privacy. These people are often looking for customized suggestions on how to secure their day-to-day communications. While there are tutorials online (including Sovryn Tech Solutions-operated:, most of these don’t address the tailored needs of each individual. Sovryn Tech Solutions can provide for those needs with:

  • Hardware and device recommendations for individual use.
  • Password strength assessments.
  • Recommending and setting up encrypted communication apps.
  • Secure email address creation.
  • Setting up PGP-encrypted email for your mobile device.
  • Creating a secure web browsing environment.
  • Maintaining transactional security, including the use of Bitcoin, and other monetary systems.
  • Setting up Tor, and routing apps through it for anonymity.
  • Setting up a persistent VPN on mobile devices for anonymity.
  • App recommendations and best practices.
  • Mobile device security implementations.
  • Recommendations of actions to take in the event of device theft.

And these are only a couple of examples of how Sovryn Tech Solutions can help you meet your cyber security goals. So whether you’re a business or an individual, let Brian Sovryn and Sovryn Tech Solutions help you become a part of a safer, more private Internet, that allows you to protect your clients, your employees, and yourself.

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