Sovryn Tech Ep. 0129: “It’s All About the Metadata, Baby!”

The 3D film scam? People can’t read books anymore? Also, thoughts on the WhatsApp scandal and Facebook, Jurassic World, Sidewalk Labs, and much, much more…

Special Guest: N/A

Stories of the Week:
–Random Access: Hound from SoundHound, Amazon Pay, Reddit situation, Blockstream’s Sidechain Elements, Mozilla integrated closed-source Pocket into Firefox.
–“3D Films”

Tech Roulette:
–”Why Aren’t People Reading Books?” Link:

Important Messages:
–”All things fail at scale? Signal/Telegram? Sidewalk Labs?”

Tool of the Week:
–”The Second Realm” Link:

–”The Gaps in WhatsApp?” Link:

The Climax:
–”Jurassic World” Link:

–”Book of Satoshi” Link:
–”Libreboot X200” Link:
–”Complete Liberty: Inside and Out” Link:
–”EFF Secure Messaging Scorecard” Link:
–”Telegram Concerns” Link:,