Sovryn Tech Ep. 0138: “G is for Google, T is for T-Virus”

What is the new Alphabet? Commuting kills? Also, thoughts on the psychology of a Surveillance Society, the chances of alien life, an FB killer, and much, much more…

Special Guest: N/A

Stories of the Week:
–Random Access: Facebook news app, Amazon kills external product ads, Ethereum tanks, Samsung Pay coming September.
–”Alphabet” Link:

Tech Roulette:
–“Commuting Kills” Link:

Important Messages:
–”Aliens? Poor people today would make the rich jealous 100 years ago? Moving beyond PDF’s? What will be the FB killer?”

Tool of the Week:
–”Pushbullet” Link:

–“The Surveillance Legacy” Link:

The Climax:
–”Real BSG”

–”Libreboot X200” Link:
–”Complete Liberty: Inside and Out” Link:
–”The Open Wireless Movment” Link: Link: