Sovryn Tech Ep. 0162: “Beneath the Surface Lies the Future”

Amazon taking over podcasts? FitBit isn’t very fit for you? Also, the new Google Glass, underwater servers, and much, much more…

Special Guest: N/A

Stories of the Week:
–Random Access: Liberty Forum 2016, new Google Glass has been confirmed in the wild, Microsoft Edge problems, Microsoft acquiring SwiftKey, new layout is teasing the industry and Wefre, Uber’s new “bit” symbol, Amazon to open hundreds of stores in the US.
–”Amazon’s New Platform” Link:

–”FitBit isn’t Very Fit?” Link:

Important Messages:
–”Subgraph OS? YouTube? Flat Earth Theory? Free State Project’s 20,000 signers?“

First Choice:
–“Microsoft Undersea Adventure!” Link:

The Climax:
–“Not Up. Down.”

–”Libreboot X200” Link:
–”Markets Not Capitalism” Link:
–”Zcash” Link:
–”Tails 2.0” Link:
–”Liberty Forum 2016” Link: