Sovryn Tech Ep. 0177: “The Religion of Silicon Valley”

Is Silicon Valley creating countries within countries? The folly of copyright law? Also, thoughts privacy as it relates to drones, BangFit, Peter Thiel, and much, much more…

Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Murphy (

Stories of the Week:
–Random Access: Still no developments on the PPD Google Maps debacle, Amazon hotel homeless shelter, Peter Thiel backing the Hulkster, Google Play on ChromeOS, Comixology subscription service.
–“A Tale of Two Stores” Link: ,

First Choice:
–“The Future of Copyright” Links:,

Game Talk:
–“BangFit” Link:

–“Man Shoots Down Drone” Link:

The Climax:
–“Silicon Valley”

–“Roberts & Roberts Brokerage” Link:
–”Sovryn Tech Solutions” Link:
–”Libreboot X200” Link: