Sovryn Tech Ep. 0200: “Open Source FTW”

Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation? The future of IoT? Also, the NES Classic, Trump, and much, much more…

Special Guest: N/A

Stories of the Week:
–Some Foreplay: The Surface Dial proves me right (iPod Classic), the NES Classic fiasco.
–“Everything Has Changed” Link:,


Internet of Targets:
–“We Need to Save the Internet from the Internet of Things” Link:

Tech History:

The Climax:
–“Trumping Technology”

–“Agorist Hosting” Link
–“Roberts & Roberts Brokerage” Link:
–“CryptoCompare” Link:
–”Sovryn Tech Solutions” Link:
–”Libreboot X200” Link:
–“Worldwide Torrents” Link:
–“The Stallion on Cointelegraph about Arcade City” Link: