Sovryn Tech Subscriber Ep. 0007: “Dropping a Big Steemit in the Toilet”

20160812222233Brian Sovryn–the Golden Stallion–takes on Steemit one more time, with a rebuttal to the Steemit Sovryn Tech episode, and his rebuttal to that, along with clips from other shows that he appeared on, and all new commentary only available to Patreon Sovryn Tech Patrons! If you have any questions on this episode, feel free to ask and it may get answered in an upcoming Q&A episode! Enjoy!



“The Freedom Feens 08-07-2016” Link:

“The Steeming Pile of Shit Called Steemit REBUTTAL” Link:

“Brian Sovryn on Free Talk Live 08-08-2016” Link:



“STEEM Homepage” Link:



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