Sovryn Tech Subscriber Ep. 0017: “Steemit Shmeemit”

20160922150430Brian Sovryn–the Golden Stallion–appeared as a guest on “The Tatiana Show” with amazing Tatiana Moroz, and had a little “debate” with some of the big-wigs at Steemit, along with co-host Josh Scigala and guest Ryan Singer…all with EXCLUSIVE, IMPORTANT commentary in this episode, and I’m joined by Dr. Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin fame for the opening commentary! This is an incredible conversation with a lot of minds that you don’t want to miss! Patreon-only, baby! Enjoy! 


SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Stephanie Murphy (



“September 21st, 2016: The Tatiana Show: Steemit Edition with Ned Scott, Dan Larimer, Brian Sovryn, and Ryan Singer



“The Tatiana Show” Link: 

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