Sovryn Tech Subscriber Ep. 0027: “Your Questions, Brian’s Answers 0015”

20161026155225Doc Sovryn is back for another Sovryn Tech Subscriber Q&A episode, only available to Patreon Sovryn Tech Patrons! And we’re talking Artificial Intelligence…and…Intelligence Augmentation here! Feel free to send in more questions for future entries! Enjoy!



–“Purpose for the ads on Sovryn Tech?”

–“Further Thoughts On AI?”

–“Could Serverless Save the World?”

–“Your Favorite Band?”



–“Bryan Johnson’s Kernel” Link:

–“Jerry Kaplan on Triangulation” Link:

–“OURO” Link: OURO – ECV Animation Bordeaux

–“The Illumination Hour #20: Clash Of Civilazations” Link:




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