Sovryn Tech Special 0054: “Stephanie, Brian, and Rebel Love”

In this RAW, UNCUT, UNCENSORED audio (you even get to hear the break banter, with no music bumpers or ads!), the tenebrific Golden Stallion, Dr. Brian Sovryn, and the Duchess of Debauchery, Dr. Stephanie Murphy, were graciously asked to be on the Rebel Love Show! The Libertine-in-Chief and Stephanie talk with Rob and Shire Dude about all kinds of wild things! If you want to hear the more polished version of the show, subscribe to the Rebel Love Show’s podcast feed! Enjoy!

Special Guests:

–Dr. Stephanie Murphy (Twitter: @S_Murphy_Phd)

–Rob Mathias (Twitter: @VoluntaryRebel)

–Shire Dude (Twitter: @RealShireDude)

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