Sovryn Tech Special 0055: “The World and HYPERCRONIUS”

The Man of Tomorrow, the tenebrific Golden Stallion, Dr. Brian Sovryn, has finally released his first game from Zomia Offline Games, HYPERCRONIUS! The reviews are in, as well as the appearances, and here’s your chance to hear guest appearances on “The Edgington Post”, mention on “The Freedom Feens”, and more! Please check out each guest audio and writings at their respective sites! Enjoy!

Special Guests:

Mark Edge (Twitter: @1Medge1)
Michael W. Dean (Twitter: @FreedomFeens)
M.K. Lords (Twitter: @mklords)

–“The Mad Philosopher Review” Link:
–”Help get LRN back on in Africa!” Link:
–”Libreboot X200” Link: