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The Amazon World Domination Tour Continues…Now with $50 Tablets

What’s the magic number for today? $50. That’s the price of Amazon‘s newest Fire tablet that is aptly called: Fire. That’s it. No special numbers or anything of the sort. Just Fire. And, in fact, if you buy six of them, you get one of them free (as it only costs $250 for a 6-pack of Fire tablets)! Why exactly,

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The Acer Predator 6 is Coming, Too (and the Problem with Android Gaming)

Yesterday on the Dark Android Blog, I wrote about Acer’s upcoming gaming tablet, the Predator 8. I was generally favorable over the specs (including the Predator Quadio four-speaker sound), and I LOVED the design (unlike the rest of tech journalism), and I felt that it had a real chance of being a candidate for a solid Dark Android Project tablet.

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The Acer Predator 8 Tablet is Coming

Finally some more tablet news! With the deluge of smartphones that get released, it’s tough at times to feed the need I have with the Dark Android Project: Tablets! And what we have here is a pretty exciting new entry in a lot of ways, even though it comes from a company that is generally not all that exciting: Acer.

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