The #1 Reason to Start Using Windows 10 Now


A question I often get asked for my science and tech podcast–Sovryn Tech–goes something like this, “So I’m using Windows 7, and I’m really used to it, and it performs well enough for me. But I know I can get a free upgrade to Windows 10, and I’ve heard some mixed reviews as far to whether or not it’s actually any good, so should I do the upgrade to Windows 10?”

My answer is usually one that has been the same for nearly any upgrade question, be it software or hardware, and the answer comes in the form of…a question: What do you need to do with your computer?

If you are concerned about security (not privacy, those are two different but related things), upgrade to Windows 10.

If you are concerned about privacy first and foremost, use Windows 7 (or if you can, use FreeBSD instead).

Are you a gamer or you use Photoshop? Definitely upgrade to Windows 10.

So it’s case by case, generally, and I am totally serious about those questions and answers I just went through.

But I have found the single most important reason for EVERYONE to finally upgrade to Windows 10, and to get in on the upgrade before your “1 year free upgrade” is up.

What I’m about to share with you is what is known as a “killer app”, something that is just so amazing and so useful or enjoyable that it makes buying a piece of hardware or software a near-necessity. And Microsoft alone–as of January 2015–is now the sole owner of this software that will really put Microsoft on the map, and it will likely run on Windows 10.

How can I be so certain of this now Microsoft-owned software being so important? Because it’s legendary. Originally created in 1991, and it hasn’t seen any new releases since 1994, if you mention it’s name to the right people, it is met with instant grins of excitement, and stories of hours upon hours of its use. This is no small matter. But what is this legendary work that Microsoft has already said they will be releasing new entries of soon, and has renewed the IP for this year?

I give you…



To some, this classic NES game is considered the greatest game of all time. Battletoads’ difficulty is legendary, its characters are legendary, its sexiness is even legendary. This was gaming done so right that even newer audiences play the classic game and instantly say, “Mario who?” (no really, they say that). It is a masterpiece of gaming, and Microsoft has said that they will be releasing a new addition to the franchise soon, and you can imagine it will be released for Windows 10, if not for other Microsoft devices, as well.

This is huge. You don’t need any other reasons to upgrade.

So if you’re still on the fence on whether or not you want to upgrade to Windows 10…well…jump off that fence and take the risk of being Humpty Dumpty, because Battletoads is coming down the line, baby, and you’re going to want to be on the OS that can play it in all of its glory: Windows 10!


NOTE: (Okay, so in the second half of this article I’m being half-serious. But the overall point in all seriousness stands that if you are a gamer, Windows 10 is THE operating system to use.)

Carpe lucem!