The Best Web Comics Out There…And You’re Probably Not Reading Them

Recently on my science and tech podcast, Sovryn Tech, I was asked a question about one of my favorite subjects: comic books.

The question itself had to do with what tablet do I recommend for reading digital comic books on, and my answer was quick: the ASUS ZenPad S 8 (the model with the 4GB of RAM).

But then, I didn’t get into some of the comics that could be read, and it doesn’t have to be comics from the big publishing houses like DC and Disney’s Marvel. While historically I’ve always been a “DC is better than Marvel” guy, in the past few years–with both companies constantly doing annoying continuity reboots–I’ve largely stopped reading titles from these publishers entirely. That’s not to say I don’t read plenty of Valiant, Image, or even Dark Horse (because I certainly do), but a development that has become increasingly more popular are comics that for the most part exist solely on the web, and never go through any publishing house (other than some collected editions here and there).

Sometimes these web-only comics have daily releases, sometimes weekly (much like I enjoy my “Prince Valiant” comic strips), but these comics have become as serious and as highly produced as anything from the “big boys”. Also, many of them are willing to go into much riskier content than the major comic book companies do (such as genuine anarchism that is heroic, and not the realm of some malcontent).

So I thought it’d be fun to share a few of these web comics with you. Each one is absolute gold and I would gladly purchase issues of them if they were available in that standard model. But then, maybe it’s just as well that they’re not, because by not following that model, they get to tell such powerful stories.

But here’s the rub. I’m not going to tell you what each one is about. I will list them below, and then that will be the end of it. Enjoy the mystery on this one…

  1. O Human Star
  2. Dark Science
  3. Stand Still, Stay Silent
  4. Quantum Vibe
  5. Voluntaryist: The Comic Series

And that’s the list. There are other great web comics out there, but these are the cream of the crop, in my opinion, for varying reasons. Give them a go.

Carpe lucem!


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