The Dark Android Telegram Channel!

telegram-appFor some years now I’ve been talking about a (now) popular messaging app called: Telegram. I’ve been a fan of it for a few reasons.

  1. It is cross-platform. It operates on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Chrome, as a web app, and even in beta for Windows Phone. It’s everywhere. Most messaging apps, encrypted or not, can make that claim.
  2. It’s open. It’s really, really open. Not just open source–though it is that now–but the platform itself is open, which allows for what we’re about to talk about in this post. You can create “bots”, some have made Bitcoin wallets and services within it, games, etc., it’s amazing how much you can do with this easy to use messaging platform.
  3. It is encrypted (though some say it’s not encrypted at all, or that its MTProto encryption is worthless, or some of its device-said plain text matters are concerning, etc.). Whatever your thoughts are on this matter, I consider the point somewhat moot, since I don’t see encryption as its core strength anymore. The open nature of the platform is its strength.
  4. It is owned and operated by an anarchist (and I’m an anarchist). Pavel Durov, who has done very well for himself monetarily, has made it clear that the core services of Telegram will always come at no charge, and they will not be beholden to advertisers. Ever. And again, he’s a full-on anarchist (triple-black wearing at that, like myself). Following the attitude of a company is key, and Pavel Durov’s attitude is right on.

Now, all of that said. This wonderful open platform that Telegram is has started adding on a lot of features, and the latest one is the addition of “Channels“. These function much like an RSS feed or a “one-way” Twitter feed. You can follow the Channel, but you can’t interact with it, only the Channel operator (or other set administrators) can post content within the channel. I think this is a fantastic thing, and I was creating a bot on Telegram to do just this thing, but now I don’t know need to make the bot since Telegram does that function out of the gate with Telegram Channels (though presently Channels are only available on the iOS and Android app).

The “encryption debate” (whether it’s actually good encryption or not) around Telegram is largely moot at this point to me, and all of these things come down to personal thresholds and tolerances (which is always true about security and privacy). For me, Telegram has become a platform–not just a messenger–that is run by an anarchist, and that has all the right features, and is in all the right places (cross-platform, etc.) to help bring down (or at least get people away from) services like Facebook and others that without question explicitly or implicitly are working with governments and alphabet-soup organizations. And any issues that Telegram does have, they can be fixed and updated, because at least we know the right philosophy is behind the service (read: anti-government).

My contact info on Telegram has been available on this site and in the Sovryn Tech show notes for years (my Telegram username is: @sovryn), but now I also have the “Dark Android Channel” on Telegram. While “Dark Android” is in the name, it is actually a central hub for posting and sharing content from all across this website (Sovryn Tech episodes, ZOG Blog content, Audio of the Ancients, Zomia Offline Games content, and more, etc.), and I will also share Dark Android Channel-only messages, etc., most likely–and not just updates from the Dark Android Project. Because frankly, if an explicit anarchist is pushing a platform, I want in. Way more than I want to deal with Facebook or even Twitter. To be clear, I don’t ever want to rely on one platform (like most people rely on Facebook for advertising, promoting, and pushing content), but now the Dark Android Channel is one more way that you can get content from all of my projects.

And in the future, who knows? Since games can be built onto Telegram, perhaps Zomia Offline Games will make an appearance on their as a platform for future games. Either way, this really highlights the beauty of open-platforms, and I’m happy to play within them.

Feel free to join @darkandroid on Telegram!

Carpe lucem!