The Four G’s: An Introduction

A long time ago, on a podcast far, far away (maybe Episode 13 or something of Sovryn Tech?), I brought up a topic called “GGGG”. The four G’s. Here, so you don’t have to read any further, is what they are:

  • God
  • Guns
  • Gender
  • Gold

And the point I made about these four topics, thus the four G’s, was that as long as you don’t bring up or go against the “conventional wisdom” on these four things–and you’re doing a liberty-oriented/anarchist podcast (as I do with Sovryn Tech)–everyone will just love you. They’ll listen to your show for a while, you’ll be “in” with everybody on Facebook, your life will be great! Granted, you’ll sound just like everybody else, too, but you’ll be accepted!

God? Sure believing in a god is fine!

Guns? Hey, guns are great! We need more of them!

Gender? Look, there are no gender issues, okay?!

Gold? What else would you base an economy on?

That’s how the average libertarian, or even anarchist rhetoric and thinking goes. Stick to that, and like I said, everyone will love you. And you’re already an outcast from society-at-large, so why would you want to ruffle any other feathers by questioning the (supposed) very foundations of liberty?

I empathize, and I understand.

Unfortunately, to quote HAL9000, I can’t do that, Dave. And I couldn’t do it from the very first episode of Sovryn Tech. Now, I don’t feel any kind of need to “just be different” and thus I say contrarian things, but I do have a need for my opinions to be heard. Of course, I don’t have to be the one to express my opinions. If the viewpoints are shared by others, I’ll gladly leave it to them, I have far too many other things to do.

But that’s the rub. I don’t often hear my viewpoints getting expressed in much of any form, podcast or not. And I think this is a very important thing to get across before I delve further into the four G’s. I think it’s important for you to assess why you do anything. Why do you want to do a podcast or a blog? Is it for fame? Is it to be a leader? For me neither is true. Do I do it for the money? Certainly getting donations is very nice, I won’t argue that. But the real reason, as I just stated, is that my views are not being expressed to my satisfaction, if at all. So I open my mouth, and often I will talk about one of the four G’s.

So let’s break down very briefly (and not completely) my thoughts on each:

1.) God. Okay, I have many religious listeners of my show and readers of my blogs and fans of my work overall. I appreciate them as human beings for listening or reading. But am I going to worry about insulting religion or touting a very hard-edged atheist or freethinking aspect (I’m a 7 on the Dawkins Scale)? No. If what I’m saying addresses religious people, then I hope they consider what I’m saying. If what I’m saying about religion doesn’t apply to them, then who cares? It doesn’t apply, so obviously I’m not talking to you. That said, I have stated often that I consider culture to be far more dangerous and concerning than governments themselves. Religion has the potential (and often reality) of being far more the robber of human liberties than governments ever can. Governments need guns and prisons, real physical things, to keep you in line and follow the popular opinion/laws. But religion? Oh ho boy…you don’t need much of anything. You don’t need money. You don’t need guns. Just the STATED THREAT of a horrible afterlife (and maybe some book) and you can get people to act in ways that are clearly antithetical to affirmation of life. It’s remarkable, really. So yes, I have a very strong stand about religion, because I have a very strong stand about human liberty. I’m probably missing out on thousands of listeners because of it. But not as many listeners as I’m missing because of the next topic…

2.) Guns. Yeah. Guns. I hate them. Fucking hate them. Have I ever picked one up? Yes. Too many times. U.S. Army and all of that. Have I ever had to defend myself? Tons of times. Have I ever killed anyone? Yep. There, am I qualified to talk about guns now? Nope. I’ve been told I should never talk about guns. Why? Because I don’t like them, and that opinion is anathema in libertarianism and much of anarchism. Real quick in case you’re wondering: Do I want to ban guns? No, of course not. I just don’t think they are in any way helpful to human freedom. I support your “right” to own a gun, but only because I support “property rights”, not because it’s a dumbass fucking gun. But Brian, what about “An armed society is a polite society?” Pay attention to that. You’re essentially saying that society is only “polite” out of fear. I don’t buy it. I don’t buy the argument that humans are inherently evil, and that’s effectively what gun lovers are saying, and I don’t agree. I think humans are inherently good, or at least inherently neutral. Oh, and guns aren’t going to “End the State”, either, regardless of what you’re fetishizing. I could write a whole blog post about this, but I’ve shared my views on it many times when I was on Free Talk Live, and it comes up here and there on Sovryn Tech. But my primary point on all of this is that I refuse to live in a society based upon fear, and an “armed society” is just that.

3.) Gender. WOOOOOOOOO! The instant I ever make the claim about being a feminist…man…the shit just lights right up. The hate mail is amazing that I get about it. And please, if you think I make the claim to get listeners or get laid (that’s not a problem), you have no idea. Most of the people I know that are “feminists” in the liberty movement don’t listen or read to my work, and generally don’t give a shit about what I have to say. Hell, I don’t think they even know I exist. So I talk about feminism (more particularly, anarcha-feminism) because it’s a subject that resonates with me. When you read the works of Emma Goldman–while she was far from perfect in her ideology–and others anarchist feminist writers, a lot of serious topics come to head. Marriage, family, the nature of relationships in general, and how all of that relates to a culture and government bent on domination. It’s interesting stuff. I readily admit that most of the “pop-feminism” you see on TV or read about in the news doesn’t mean shit to me, and most of it is used to grow government or “Domination Culture” in general. But at the end of the day there are serious issues to discuss, and feminism is often the only “ism” that does it. So, if you’re looking to broaden your audience with whatever venue you’re discussing, claiming to be a feminist is not going to win you any. Granted, there are deep aspects of cultural issues and possibilities that you’ll never get to because you won’t even listen to some feminist points, but so what? You’ll be loved for never talking about it, or even better for you, insulting it! Of course…if you just sound like everyone else…why would anyone listen to you? Bah…forget about that, let’s get to the last “G”…

4.) Gold. This one isn’t so much of an issue anymore. Three years ago when I started Sovryn Tech and when I began appearing on Free Talk Live (which I was on for two years, and even “first chaired” from time to time), Bitcoin wasn’t as accepted by the liberty community as it is now. I gave a talk about it over a year ago that was very controversial at the time called, “Is Bitcoin More Real Than Gold?“, in which I deconstructed the history of gold, which most libertarians lie to you about (EXAMPLE: it doesn’t have a 6000 year history). But again, if you’re wanting to be popular, you don’t want to go questioning them about it. You can like Bitcoin (largely) now, but make sure you still love that gold, baby! Myself, I actually don’t really have a problem with gold, you can use whatever you want to use for money or currency backing, I just wouldn’t want to base the economy of the future on it. Again, I don’t really knock gold anymore since Bitcoin is now more widely accepted, but I’m still happy to say that it is not my currency of choice, and that its widely claimed history is bullshit.

So what’s my point in sharing all of this with you? Well, maybe I’ll do more complete blog posts on each in the future, and this is an introduction. Or maybe it’s an expectation for you, for new listeners and readers, that this is a degree of where I’m coming from. But it’s also a warning–a bringing of awareness–that in a movement of people that supposedly “question everything”, that they actually don’t, and that they can be just as stifling as anything or anyone else in keeping you from growing into new ideas. And the four G’s are just the beginning. Property, parenting, politics, psychology (is that the four P’s?)…there is a lot of “don’t touch it!” ground to cover.

Clearly, “liberty” still has its taboos. And we’re never going to really have our own liberty if we don’t explore them. But if you decide to, just be prepared for no one to like you in the process.

Carpe lucem!