The Man of Tomorrow on “Declare Your Independence” talking BitcoinXT!

Declare-Your-Independence-with-Ernest-Hancock---Radio-Show-LogoI had the great pleasure to have a return appearance on “Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock” yesterday to talk about the BitcoinXT controversy. It was definitely an “all Bitcoin, all the time” episode with other great guests on, and Ernie (a real stallion in liberty circles) always delivers a great show. I was able to talk about the philosophy behind cryptocurrencies, MaidSafe, and how we can get around the continuing, enslaving path towards centralization that the world is on. Give this one a listen at the link below!

08-26-15 – Jonthan Mohan – Brian Sovryn – Tone Vays (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED)

Carpe lucem!