The Man of Tomorrow on the School Sucks Project…CONSPIRATHON!

Let me tell you, in a list of honors, being able to co-headline a School Sucks podcast is pretty high on the list.

No, seriously.

There are few podcasts that I consider as important, relevant, and necessary to furthering one’s personal growth and freedom than the School Sucks podcast with my good friend, Brett Veinotte. And to have appeared on the below linked episode with the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy, as well…well…let’s just say it doesn’t get much more exciting for me than that.

So here it is: the very first part of CONSPIRATHON. We talked about the psychology around conspiracy theories, how we all got started in the “conspiracy realm”, and other fun and often serious topics.


Keep in mind that this is just Part 1 in the series that will be released, and I will post about each episode here on the ZOG Blog as they are released (and maybe down the line I’ll release them as a cohesive whole in the Sovryn Tech feed).

So enjoy me enjoying myself with two of the most intelligent people I know with…CONSPIRATHONNNNNN!!!!!!!!

School Sucks Podcast 366a: CONSPIRA-THON (Part One) – Don’t Even Blink

Carpe lucem!