The Neo900…A Dark Android Approved Smartphone

At the Dark Android Project, I make it a point to say that it is near-impossible to achieve DAPS with a modern smartphone (Android phones, iPhones, or Windows Phones…even Ubuntu Phone and FireFoxOS-based phones are questionable), and that’s why Dark Android primarily addresses tablets. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the tips, tricks, attitude, and apps that I talk about here for your smartphone, of course, but just keep in mind that 99% of devices that have a SIM card in them cannot be trusted.

But what if there were a smartphone that could be trusted? What if there were a smartphone that used open-source software and hardware?

Well, it may be here…the Neo900.


Now available for pre-order, this is an exciting project that (if it fully delivers), is the premier private and secure phone to own, in my opinion. Based upon the rock-solid and popular 2010 phone–the Nokia N900–the Neo900 is feature-rich, has 1GB of RAM, a 1Ghz processor, and the hardware is so open in fact, you can likely run many operating systems on it (like Android), even though it has Debian loaded stock. The physical slider-keyboard is also a great now-rare feature (especially if you’re a gamer, since hardware buttons can double as a gamepad). They’re even trying to make the battery on it “hot-swappable” so that you can put in a new battery without having to turn off the phone. There are too many other features to list completely (including optional LTE), but with pre-orders now open, this is the device to beat if you REALLY want to take control of your privacy and security, you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and you still want to have the “creature comforts” of a smartphone.

(Before anyone mentions the Blackphone, I am still researching their processes before I give a full review, but it’s coming.)

Again, as I often say, one of the best ways to achieve privacy and security, and to help in making the Surveillance State’s job a lot harder, is to lessen your reliance on and use of smartphones in general. But if you must have one, the Neo900 could serve you very well.


Carpe lucem!