The Toppest “Top Men” on the School Sucks Podcast…CONSPIRATHON PART DEUX!

That’s right…PART DEUX!…of CONSPIRATHON that I had the great pleasure of being on via the School Sucks Podcast with Brett Voinette and Dr. Stephanie Murphy. Another very enjoyable episode to sink your lizard tee…err…teeth into.


You’re going to hear a lot of wild stuff in this episode, and I have to admit that the way that Brett laid out the “9/11 Conspiracy”, and parlayed one of the many conspiracy theories around 9/11, was one of the more intriguing of the bunch that I’ve heard. A giant money grab that effectively equates to the plot of the John Travolta classic film, “Swordfish”, it’s a theory that makes much more sense than somehow it having been a giant government-wide conspiracy all designed to take away the “rights” of Americans.

I’m not saying I buy any of it, necessarily, and I made it very clear in the show that even if you could prove any of the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 as true, absolutely nothing will change in the world, so what’s the point? But I was intrigued, I’ll admit, and the “money grab” theory is far more plausible than the nonsense most of the “9/11 Truther” fucknut rabble talk about.

Anyway. Some wild moon conspiracy talk, sex kittens, and all other kinds of fun, juicy conversation is to be found here. And keep in mind, this is only PART DEUX! of the series, as I think there is at least one more to go.

So enjoy more of me enjoying myself with two of the most intelligent people I know in…CONSPIRATHONNNNNN!!!!!!!!

School Sucks 366b: CONSPIRA-THON (Part Two) – Top Men

Carpe lucem!