Turn Off Your Smartphone!

One of the side benefits of having a Dark Android-based device, particularly if you’re just using a tablet, is you don’t have an “always on” internet connection. Of course, having a persistent data connection isn’t inherently a bad thing. If we lived in a world–or even just a village–that had open WiFi (no passwords or gateways) everywhere, or if we didn’t live in a “Surveillance Society”, I think persistent data connections would be fine things.

But we don’t live in that world.

We live in a world that–to go cliche–makes “1984” look like a prequel to modern society. Everything we do is being watched, recorded, picked through, and worse. The privacy that humans have told themselves is an essential liberty barely exists today.

One of the things I often recommend to people to help put an end to this Surveillance Society (yes, it is no longer just a “Surveillance State”) on my podcast Sovryn Tech, is to stop feeding information to it. This is achievable in many ways. Take steps to make your actions more anonymous. Use encryption. Or perhaps the simplest and most effective: STOP RELYING ON YOUR SMARTPHONE.

While no longer relying on your smartphone (ie: leaving it at home, not using it so much, turning it off) is literally the easiest thing you can do, it ironically can seem to be the hardest. That lack of always being at the ready to communicate about…well…who knows what…as if you’d even remember what you talked about come the next day. That lack of Google Maps that you even use around town when somehow people used to navigate entire states and provinces without a compass. Or not being able to play a game to pass the time…when we all know that Android and iOS games pale in comparison to the wonders of what even an Atari Lynx could do not so long ago.

I get it.

But there’s the real possibility that the NSA, GCHQ, and others are now relying as much on your smartphone as you are, meaning that if you stop using it, you may just “fall off their radar”.

Get back your privacy, and perform an activism byproduct while you do it. To illustrate what I’m saying, check out this video. Trust me, it’s hilarious…

I think you get my point. Turn the damned smartphone off. It’s okay to not be connected. It’s okay to make people miles away from you wait a little, the world could use a little more patience. And if someone is right in front of you, it’s okay to give them your full attention. And certainly, the world could use a whole lot more “full attention”.

Carpe lucem!