Unorthodox Outreach for Sovryn Tech and Beyond

I have the best listeners and fans. Passionate, intelligent people…okay, look, I know everybody says that their listeners are “passionate and intelligent”…but have you ever listened to my podcast Sovryn Tech, or read the stuff on this site, or played any of my games? This is “high-brow” shit here, and so anyone that’s onboard with it, I know definitely falls under the adjectives of “passionate and intelligent”. Instantly.

And I love all of you.

Even though I know we’re usually not all in 100% agreement with each other on various things (which is comforting to me), we all get together to have some of the most forward-thinking discussions on the planet, and I love doing it, and I’m glad you’re a part of it.

Recently I’ve been getting photos from some fans that show off how they are spreading the “good word” (because what is normally called that certainly isn’t), and I thought I’d highlight the very first one I think I ever received. So just a picture for today’s site content, but a good one…

photo_2015-10-22_14-21-05How about that, huh? Hahahaha, I love it! Now this is incredibly clever for a couple of reasons.

  1. $2 US bills are kinda rare, or at least odd. When you hand someone a $2 bill, they always pause to look at it. Also, when it is put into a cash register’s till, the manager counting the money at night have to put it aside and give it an extra look and treatment, thus exponentially increasing the chances of people reading the URL for this website that’s written on it. Even the teller at the bank will have to do that. Damned clever.
  2. As I am an anarchist–and thus all my work is anarchist, and I assume the fan that did this is an anarchist, as well–the fan that wrote on this Federal Reserve Note actually broke a Federal law! Doesn’t get much more anarchist than that! And I am beyond honored to have inspired someone to break laws. Because laws are nonsense, after all.

Also, I appreciate this picture in particular as they took a picture of the beautifully defaced “government property” (that’s in quotes for a reason) on top of the greatest book on anarchist economics in existence: Markets Not Capitalism (which I recommend everyone read). Bravo, my cherished listener. Thank you, I couldn’t ask for a better method of outreach than what you did with that $2 bill.

Again, to say I’m honored is an understatement. If you have unorthodox ways in which you do outreach for the anarchist message that I push with everything at, please don’t hesitate to send it my way and I will highlight it here in the future (and don’t worry, I’ll keep you anonymous)!

Carpe lucem!