UPDATE: Two Ways to Buy Gas with Bitcoin…For Now

gyftwalmartBack in November of 2015, I did an experiment on whether or not it is possible–in the United States–to travel fairly long distances while only buying gas with Bitcoin. Come to find out, despite what a bunch of nincompoops were saying on Reddit, Twitter, websites, and other social media, it wasn’t viable to buy gas with Bitcoin.

The general idea stated by these people is that you could buy a gift card for one store at gyft.com with Bitcoin, and then you could go to a brick-and-mortar store like GameStop or CVS and buy a gas gift card (such as Shell) there, and then you essentially could buy gas with Bitcoin. Problem is, the rules for those brick-and-mortar stores is that if you have a gift card for them, it’s very specific as to which gift cards you can buy with a store gift card, and gas cards falls under the arbitrary gift cards you can’t buy with a store-specific gift card. Confused? So was I. You can read my in-depth write-up for yourself.

At the end of my write-up, I stated that this was a situation I would keep an eye on and let you know if anything changes. And since recently we’ve been informed by some cry-baby moron that “the Bitcoin experiment has failed“, I thought I’d update the experiment now. And it turns out…

You can now buy gas with Bitcoin.

Boy, what a failure this Bitcoin is! I hope you catch my sarcasm, because Bitcoin is NOT a failure (just listen to the latest episode of my podcast Sovryn Tech for the proof of that). There are now two ways that you can purchase gas with Bitcoin (minus LocalBitcoins and person-to-person exchanging, of course). Yes, you’re still going to be using the gift card trick, but at least now that trick actually works.

  1. Gyft.com: Gyft now allows you to buy Walmart gift cards again. They had supported this in the past, but for whatever reason, Walmart pulled its gift card support with Gyft. There are many Walmart Supercenters that have gas stations attached to them that allow you to use Walmart gift cards to buy gas with (and they even give you a discount per gallon when you use a Walmart gift cards). Yes, you’ll need find and map out the Walmarts with gas stations attached, but that’s not that difficult, and they are increasingly more common. And there are Walmarts practically everywhere in the US, so you could likely cross the whole country buying gas with only Bitcoin.
  2. Cardcash.com: This one was actually pointed out to me not long after I wrote my original article on the “Bitcoin gas experiment”. Cardcash.com accepts Bitcoin, and you can buy a multitude of different gas gift cards from them straight out, no need to go to a brick-and-mortar store and do a gift card-for-gift card switcheroo. If you want to check out their selection (Mobil, Shell, BP, etc.), you can get to their gas cards directly through this link. It works.

But it’s important for me to warn you, that as has already had in the past with Walmart and Gyft, there’s the chance that this “Bitcoin support” can come to an end instantly. Cardcash.com seems to be not so well known and might be under the radar in what it can do. Yes, there are also gas stations that are getting “Bitcoin ATM’s” in them, as well, and there are other things that I covered in my previous article on the topic, but these are not easily mappable, nor are they something I’d count on.

As I told you, though, I would update you on when the possibilities of buying gas with Bitcoin changed, and so here is your update (no need for it to be a long blog post like my last one). It is feasible, in my opinion, thanks to Gyft/Walmart and Cardcash.com. Feasible for now, anyway. Keep your eye on the Dark Android Blog for any changes on the matter.

Carpe lucem!