Updates, Delays, and Life…

This is just another quick blog post to keep everyone updated as to what’s going on at Sovryn Tech and Zomia Offline Games. As I’m sure you’ll notice, HYPERCRONIUS has been delayed just a bit again. I personally apologize for that. I started a new podcast/newscast series called “Sovryn Tech Mobile” which allows me to just send quick, non-edited, raw, short updates to you, and the very first one addresses what I’m typing out here.

And speaking of the podcast, many have recently shared with me some problems with the podcast feed, and so I have updated the feed and have tested it. Perhaps one day I’ll host Sovryn Tech’s high quality episodes (I’ll be hosting low bandwidth versions here soon) directly on this site, but for now Soundcloud is still giving Sovryn Tech a lot of reach just by it being hosted there, and that makes it worth it alone. Anyway, for those that need it, here is the new RSS feed for the Sovryn Tech newscast (don’t worry, the old one will still function for as long as Feedburner is supported, just in case that RSS feed still works for you):


The RSS icon at the top of the page also contains this link now, just to make everything kosher.

All of that said, huge thanks to all of you for your continued understanding, connection, and patience. You’re beautiful. Really.

Carpe lucem.