What Should a Crypto Anarchist Donate To?

The title is a great question. As the Joker once said, “hubba-hubba-hubba…who do you trust?” There are plenty of companies and organizations telling you they are concerned with your human liberties, your privacy, your security, or in building a future for humanity that allows for a much freer way of living, but who is really doing something about it? Who’s actually delivering on those claims?

So for the Dark Android Blog today I thought I’d throw together a little post that has a few organizations that I–as a cypherpunk, an anarchist, and a million others descriptive terms–feel comfortable donating to. These are groups that are either doing things or researching things that I consider worthwhile. It’s all up to personal opinion, and you may disagree on some, but regardless, I wanted to share this list with you as some have written in to me to talk about it on my podcast Sovryn Tech. However I find it much easier to lay it out in text form. And please keep in mind, this is not exhaustive, nor is it in any kind of ranking.

I’m sure I missed something in that list, and my apologies in advance, but please don’t forget about me! You can click here to find lots of ways to donate to Sovryn Tech, Zomia Offline Games, and the Dark Android Project on that page.

And to all of those I linked to here, keep up the great work. We’re winning.

DISCLAIMER: You may have noticed that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is not listed here. That is on purpose. Personally, I’ve had enough of their dealing in the political realm (which ends up solving nothing), and I no longer am a member. That said, admittedly, there are worse organizations you could donate to.

Carpe lucem!