Sovryn Tech Now Accepts Zcash Shielded/Private Donations!

I know, I know, you’re wondering, why hasn’t this website been updated since December 12,016 H.E. (that’s the “Holocene Era“, for those that don’t know)? Well, it’s because I–the Man of Tomorrow–have been working hard on a totally new website! And while that won’t be done for at least a few more days, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to announce that the hottest tech podcast in the world–my show, Sovryn Tech–now accepts Zcash for donations! And not like some of those other people that just accept “transparent” Zcash transactions…oh no…the Golden Stallion has been talking about Zcash for too long to half-ass this action: You can also donate using the Sovryn Tech shielded/private address! WOOO! The crypto-economy is here, baby, and as always, Sovryn Tech is helping lead the charge!

The two addresses below are the donation address for Sovryn Tech, with the address beginning with the “t” being the transparent address, and the address beginning with the “Z” being the encrypted, shielded, private address (the one, in my opinion, it would behoove people to use). Don’t forget that of course there’s Bitcoin, Patreon, and PayPal donations all available as well! But let’s help make Zcash the premiere currency that it should be! WOO!

Shielded (encrypted) Address: zcfUhN29ddFdtZ1iKvv6WFFXUB9nKWwL5kXvcrvhQuB2yMw6eabshv1CGN92kkbtRt1Ykf1k2266sJvZAQQUrhmpuCwXUDD



Transparent (unencrypted) Address: t1ZAA33YYzPmm4Ks5aq13N4NJBjqqSypY8G



And more exciting stuff to come everybody! WOO!