Zomia Offline Games is now SSL secured!

SSL Certificate


I’ll keep this brief: this website is now protected with SSL (no, not “Sesame Street Live”, as much as I think that would actually protect the site)! That means you’re going to see that nice “HTTPS” in your address bar now every time you visit the site. While it’s true that SSL security certificates can be forged by various bad actors (particularly Nation states, the baddest of all actors now matter which one it is), I recognize just how much an SSL certificate can do for a website, including thwart MIM (man-in-the-middle) attacks, and helps with a buyers level of trust when purchasing from a site (and as you can see from a lot of things here, there is going to be more than just games available for purchase).

So, as the Golden Stallion of the Tech World, and someone that is often looked to for security advice, I wanted to be sure to follow my own, so now I have (also now that I have a little bit of time with the first HYPERCRONIUS game being finished). Unfortunately, due to this I have removed the TuneIn app and have changed the Bitcoin donation widget to a picture of the QR code, but not major losses on site functionality over security. Enjoy the site of course, and if you’ve yet to, please check out the Dark Android section of the site!

Carpe lucem!